Race Day Information

There are no bathroom facilities and there is no electricity at the race start and finish location so plan accordingly.  There will be porta potties.

Both races (50K and 25K) will begin at 8:00 am.  There is an early start option for 50K at 7:00 for those who think they may take more than eight hours.

The sunrises at 7:39 am and sets at 5:39 pm.  50K runners should be back at the at the Big Cedar TH by 4 pm.  This will give you just over 90 minutes to finish the last 3.7 miles before dark.  If you start early, this would give you nearly 10 1/2 hours to finish the course before dark.  After 4:00 pm, we will close the Big Cedar/Hwy 259 aid station and give a ride back to anyone left on the course.
If you decide to drop, let an aid station captain or race director know.

The first and at the Hwy 259 Trailhead will be fully stocked (10 mile runners will hit this aid station again at mile 6.3, 25k runners will hit this aid station again at 13.7, and 50k runners will hit this aid station at 27). 

 The aid station on top of Winding Stair Mtn at Mile 8.8 will have limited aid.  Gatorade, Water, some basic food.  Though most years we are able to hike up a camp stove and provide hot food as well.   

For the 50k, there will be another full aid station at the Horsethief Springs Picnic Area at mile 13.4 that you will hit a second time at mile 17.  There will also be unmanned aid set out at mile 10 and 20 for the 50k racers.

There will be a nice warm fire at the finish with vegetable soup, chili, and hot dogs.  Cornbread and tons of other food and beverages and a big party at the finish that may go on into the night!